The Music

The Script

Hints on handling sound

Hints on auditioning

The Auditions

Auditions are vital for any production but especially in the musicals. Choosing individuals who are confident in singing on stage as well as having good voices will make a difference in the final production.

Guys who can sing will normally reach the notes that are required by this production, while many great voices among the ladies may fit in the alto range which could sound great in the lower range but become very thin in the higher range.

For this reason this musical has been careful not to provide high notes for Esthers part. If your Esther struggles a bit at the higher notes then some possibilties exist to alter her notes as she sings in duet with Mordecai

Note Range Definitions
When I use the term 'top C' I am referring to the C one octave above middle C

Note Ranges required

Feast Annoucer : Top note is D above Top C

Haman : Top note is E above Top C - Which if you choose to use it will need to be loud and sustatined as it is a crescendo to where Mordecai will answer..This of course will sound good and should be attempted...

Esther : From B below middle C to Top C
The part of Esther makes the production, so choosing someone who is spiritually strong does make a difference. She needs to be realistic in the part..Secure in her faith, strong enough to risk her life for her people, but submissive in her attitude toward her uncle Mordecai and the King...And she must be able to sing well

Mordecai : D above Top C
He is Esthers Uncle and guardian and so can be a bit older then Esther

Makeup etc
Haman should have a beard...or a false one add a bit of a sinister look..He is the vilan of the story and should look a bit scary. He can almost look comical if you want to go that way

Esther should never be comical in her appearence or attitude in the production. The comical parts of the production should come from others and not from her. Her makeup should increase her beauty, and her answers and character reflect Christ. After all the story is a reflection of what Jesus did on the cross...She was willing to die if she could save a nation.

King should look like a King --- so consider finding a crown etc so the audience is made very clear of who he is from the start...