These gospel musicals were written by Tony Goy during the mid nineties where they were used in for Sunday Services at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa. The original musicals were produced and directed by Cindy Hope Ryan (who now resides in Ireland)

Recently the backtracks of the Songs were all redone, and extra songs have been written. Examples of this is Esthers 'You can make a difference' to give an overall theme to the Esther musical and God of Israel for Ruth which increases the moment of her salvation (which can be assumed from scripture)

Although there is nothing particularly wrong with charging for Christian Media, the heart of is to assist the global church in having free access to christian resources so as to further the gospel. We believe that we are on a united purpose to advance Gods Kingdom and the Lordship of Jesus on the earth. That if we are always trying to find ways of making money that we can lose the very heart of that for which Christ chose to die.

The author has found that musicals are not only good evangelical and teaching tools, they create unity and a feeling of belonging in the actors. Memories of past productions live for a long time in the hearts of the participants. Biblical stories are presented in a way that will encourage the reading of the word, and the songs teach great truths that hopefully will remain in the minds of the listeners.

We hope that you will enjoy using these tools in your youth group.